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Wegener Marktforschung RekruitmentWe select test facilities with great care, giving priority to good recruitment. Consequently, we make sure the facility staff (who we are also happy to train through seminars and detailed briefings) has good know-how and a creative approach to finding “new” target persons.


We know that it is impossible in practice to interview just “new” participants in every study. This is not possible purely in terms of figures when the high number of interviews conducted every day is compared with the roughly 60 million interviewable citizens of Germany. Nevertheless, we work together with the facilities we select on constantly finding “fresh” consumers who are prepared to tell us their opinion and report on their experiences.


We also know that excesses can happen now and again in practice and that there are "professional respondents" who participate in interviews every week or even every day. The individual test facilities are not usually aware of this since these “professionals” simply register with different recruiters or facilities. Consequently, it is extremely important for us to work together with the test facilities at ensuring greater transparency in recruitment so the situation can be better controlled.