Welcome to Wegener Marktforschung - Your Research Partner in Germany

We are specialized in qualitative market research. It is our ambition to offer our clients the best research practice possible. This means, that our clients continuously work with the same senior researchers, who conduct each study leadingly from research design to field work until reporting. Plus it means, that we only cooperate with well-proven and carefully chosen recruiters and field facilities. Best quality for your concern!

Professional Researchers ...

Monica Wegener, qualitative markte researcher

... know how to deal with respondents and reveal deepset motives.

We work with a variety of successful methods providing the best possible results for our customers. Your concerns are our focus!


Co-operations ...

Wegener Qualitative Market Research… and fair partnerships are very important to us. Therefore, we initiate free market research workshops and regular get-togethers in the Rhein-Neckar area, for which we invite all research colleagues who are interested warmly.